Spinner’s Best Albums of the Noughties Comes Around To Amy Winehouse

Becky Bain | December 9, 2009 3:48 pm

Another day, another End Of The Decade List, this time from Spinner.com. The music site’s editors are saying “fie!” in the face of other lists’ almost exclusively male picks for the top spot and are honoring Amy Winehouse’s soulful Back To Black as the Top Album of the Decade. At last, a chance to reflect on her essential talent, instead of her seemingly endless nosedive. Check out the full list but keep it quick—wouldn’t want you to miss the Slick Rick gig.

Winehouse’s second album was the first to be heavily promoted in the U.S., and it peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 on its way to going double platinum. The album’s juxtaposition of old-school doo-wop with Mark Ronson’s post-modern production helped Winehouse win a Grammy for Best New Artist, Best Pop Album, and three other Grammys for therapy-refusing anthem “Rehab.” (Her constant headline-making antics on the streets of London and abroad certainly helped her stay in the public’s consciousness.) Despite Amy taking a break from music to focus on other projects, we happen to agree that Back To Black ranks among the best of the last ten years, and we hope its principal performer is around to celebrate when we look back on the 2010s.

Check the rest of Spinner’s Top 10:

1. Amy Winehouse, Back to Black (2006) 2. Kanye West, The College Dropout (2004) 3. Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002) 4. Daft Punk, Discovery (2001) 5. Arcade Fire, Funeral (2004) 6. Tegan and Sara, The Con (2007) 7. Radiohead, Kid A (2000) 8. PJ Harvey, Stories From the City (2000) 9. Bruce Springsteen, Magic (2007) 10. OutKast, Stankonia (2000)

While some end-of-the-decade-list regulars (Kanye, OutKast, Radiohead) round out the Top 10, we also say Hell Oui! to the appearance of Daft Punk’s trailblazing Discovery. But… Springsteen’s Magic? Hm. We’ll let it slide, but only because New Jersey needs a little pat on the head right now. Check out Spinner’s 50 Albums of the Decade over here: part one and part two.