Alexandra Burke Is A Good Sport

Robbie Daw | December 11, 2009 9:25 am

What’s a surefire way to break a U.K. artist in the States? Toss ’em in a stadium and let them gyrate around in sexy football gear. (American football, that is.)

Alexandra Burke won Simon Cowell’s hit Brit series The X Factor last year, and apparently the music mogul is just as bent on having her cross over in the U.S. as he was with Leona Lewis. (She’s been signed here by Epic.)

Burke’s previous single “Bad Boys” featured Miami-born rapper Flo Rida, and the video for her latest has her twirling around with some buxom dancers in a visual homage to America’s favorite pastime.

Catch the video for Alexandra Burke’s RedOne-produced dance jam “Broken Heels” below the jump.

Funny, you never see Leona arching her back in a locker room. Then again, “Happy” did kinda tank, didn’t it?