Rihanna Channels Mad Max and Lady Gaga For ‘Hard’ Music Vid

Becky Bain | December 14, 2009 1:00 pm

Rihanna clearly went snooping in Gaga’s closet (and a Disneyland gift shop) to get the “military couture” look for her new video “Hard.” The full high-fashion, sand-swept video will debut this Thursday on MTV.com at 4 p.m., but check out a preview of the vid, in which Rihanna readies for battle wearing ill-fitting soldiers’ garb and duct-tape pasties, after the jump:

We’re so distracted by RiRi’s bizarre wardrobe that we almost forgot our lukewarm feelings toward the song, as well as most of her album, and we’re certainly not alone: Rated-R is most likely headed for re-release, not least because there’s still plenty of people out there who didn’t buy it the first time around. One songwriter who might be contributing to Rated-R‘s, ahem, “redux edition” is ubiquitous hitmaker Ryan Tedder, who told BBC Radio’s Newsbeat that he’s planning to work with Rihanna in the new year. “I can do stuff dark musically, [a] haunting kind of thing, but I want to have her do something vocally that she’s never done before.”

No word on whether “Shy Ronnie” will make the cut for the re-release, but we’re crossing our fingers, since it would be the liveliest track on the album.