Chris Brown’s Last Tweet: ‘GOODBYE!!!!!!!’

Becky Bain | December 14, 2009 5:53 pm

After his Twitter rant blasting Walmart, the music industry and (sort of) Alicia Keys this past weekend, Chris Brown (or, more likely, his people) decided it’d be best if he piped down, and the “Crawl” singer deleted his Twitter account. He signed off with this final Tweet: “I WANNA THANK MY FANS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT. I LOVE YALL. GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!” Classy as ever, right?

His exit coincided roughly with the release of a statement by Walmart (which — in addition to ranking as the nation’s biggest seller of CD’s — also runs a ton of Twitter accounts). Brown had accused the chain of failing to sell his new album, Graffiti.

“We are surprised at the comments online,” read a statement from the Arkansas retail giant. “All Walmart stores nationwide have carried the CD since its release, including the Wallingford, [Conn.], store mentioned in the post. This store actually sold through its initial shipment over the weekend. The majority of our stores today are showing they do have copies available.”

Honestly, would anyone blame Walmart for deciding not order huge shipments of Chris Brown product at this juncture in cultural history? With or without a push from Walmart, Brown’s album is on track to sell perhaps 100,000 copies its first week, or about one-third the first-week tally posted by its predecessor, Exclusive.

Chris Brown’s Mechanical Dummy website is still up and running, but let’s just hope he doesn’t explain his surprise Twitter disappearance in rap form.