Leona Lewis Is Out Of This World In Her ‘I See You’ Video

Robbie Daw | December 15, 2009 11:47 am

The music video for Leona Lewis’ Avatar ballad “I See You” popped up on MySpace today, coinciding nicely with the tune’s Golden Globe nomination in the Best Original Song—Motion Picture category. Naturally the clip plays like an extended three-minute-and-45-second trailer for the James Cameron flick, with 2006 X Factor alum Lewis occasionally flitting across the screen in a cloud of other-worldly purple haze. She’s not in 3-D, but those stratospheric vocals of hers almost burst through the screen. Watch below.

There’s no doubt 3-D epic Avatar is going rake it in at the box office upon the film’s release tomorrow, though the plodding “I See You” probably won’t do much to seal the deal for movie goers still on the fence about snatching up tickets. Still, it’s far better than some snoozy sci fi movie theme songs that have cropped up in recent months.