Courtney Love Shows The World Why The Courts May Not Have Thought She Was A Good Mother

Becky Bain | December 16, 2009 1:51 pm

Are you sitting down? Because—hold on, we need to compose ourselves before dropping this bomb on everyone—um, it turns out that Courtney Love didn’t actually take that whole losing custody of her only child thing that well. And—sorry, this whole thing just caught us off guard, we just didn’t see it coming, at all—she’s actually ranting about it on the Internet. Courtney took to her Facebook last night to badmouth her own daughter, her daughter’s paternal grandmother, and basically bolster a Los Angeles court ruling that Frances Bean might be better off under the care of someone else (namely, someone who’s not bat*#@% crazy. Screengrabs of her incomprehensible (and reprehensible) ranting after the jump.

Courtney has since deleted this long-winded, insulting comment from her Facebook wall, but it’s preserved below for your reading displeasure:


Don’t worry, it’s not all sad. Love pays Frances Bean a compliment, calling her “not stupid.”


Any other comments about your daughter, Court? How about the mother of your dead husband?


Let’s not  forget some choice quotes we couldn’t find screengrabs for (via Us Weekly):

She then names several of Kurt Cobain‘s family members. She even tells her daughter that her grandmother “killed your father,” Kurt Cobain.

“You could’ve asked for emancipation…” Love tells her daughter. “You realize this will put you in juvenile family circus three times in your little life?”

That this tantrum exploded online could be tied to the fact that Courtney is prohibited from unleashing it in person: a judge has just filed a temporary restraining order against Love, prohibiting her from direct or indirect contact with her daughter. Odds of any of this behavior resulting in a change of custody: zero.