‘Glee’ Star Puck Sings A ‘Chillin’ Ode To… ‘Glee’

Becky Bain | December 16, 2009 4:07 pm

Mark Salling, who plays Quinn’s true-blue babydaddy Puck on Glee, is so delighted at his own good fortune at becoming an increasingly crush-worthy TV star (sorry, other Glee men, we’ve got a thing for mohawks and Neil Diamond covers) that he’s now recorded an original song to honor the hit show’s cast and crew.

It’s more sweet than it is actually good—for a guy who stars on a show about singing and fronts his own band, his vocals could (and should?) be significantly stronger. But we don’t want to throw cold water on Mark’s warm ‘n fuzzy feelings for his fellow Gleesters. Click behind the jump to hear his strummy track:

“There’s no rather place I’d be than chilling on Glee,” sings Salling. Us, too—though unfortunately we’ve still got a while to go before any new episodes hit the air. There is, of course, the possibility that January’s Golden Globes will feature some of our favorite songs from the hit series, provided any of the nominated cast members are permitted to do the winner’s walk to the podium.

Check out an accompanying video of home movies on and off the Glee set at Mark’s website.