Moody And Mulletted, Kristen Stewart Teases ‘The Runaways’

Becky Bain | December 17, 2009 4:53 pm

Oh, how we hate ourselves for loving Stew. Yep, here’s a teaser trailer for The Runaways, the biopic about the 70s all-female rock band, with Twilight‘s vampire bait Kristen Stewart decked out in mullety splendor for her portrayal of Joan Jett.

In the film, directed by music vid veteran Floria Sigismondi, K-Stew (who can sing) joins a cast that includes all-grown/tarted-up Dakota Fanning playing Cherie Currie. The movie will premiere during the Sundance Film Festival in January, but check out the promising (albeit brief) trailer below — you got nothin’ to lose:

We really don’t think we can handle Dakota Fanning already old enough to wear sexy clothing and convincingly thrash around onstage in a rock band. (The original Churrie joined The Runaways at age 16; Fanning’s 15.). Then again, she was upstaging Sean Penn at age 7 and getting sexually assaulted on camera at age 13, so she’s never really played the part of an adorable innocent tyke.

Kristen Stewart is really singing “Cherry Bomb” in the trailer—not too shabby, although we’ll reserve final judgment until we see the movie. And maybe it’s a good thing, too, that Kristen Stewart is playing the part of a famous musician now that her on-and-off-screen companion Robert Pattinson has been caught slinking around Hollywood with one. Guess the dude’s got a type.