Seven Things You Didn’t Know About The Extremely Modest RedOne

Robbie Daw | December 21, 2009 1:21 pm

RedOne has become as ubiquitous as the acts he produces, no small thanks to the fact that said singers often give him a call-out at the beginning of the jams he whips up for them.  (Why, Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” would only be a shell of a song—a mere whisper into a thunderous, storm-drenched night, if you will—without the “RedOne! Konvict! Gaga!” name-checking at he beginning.)

Hits Daily Double posted an interview with the 37-year-old Moroccan producer today, and we’ve sifted through it to pull out the seven most inciteful quotes from the Grammy-nominated “Poker Face” hitmaker.

RedOne is humble: “I only wanted to work with artists signed to major labels.”

Actually, make that RedOne is extremely humble: “I don’t want to say I’m dominating, but I’m leading the world musically. And it’s like, me and Gaga are doing something that everyone wants to do.”

Pop? What pop? RedOne is a true rocker: “A lot of people think RedOne is about synths, but it started with guitars. If you listen to my songs, the way they’re produced, it’s like rock with synths… To me, rock gives you this big energy, and that’s what I’m gravitating toward.”

One of RedOne’s 2009 hard rock masterpieces:

RedOne is apparently sitting on unreleased Michael Jackson recordings: “I have tracks we’ve worked on, but I have to meet with the lawyers first.”

RedOne won’t be meeting with lawyers to cash in on MJ, though: “I don’t want to make money out of [the tracks]. I know how Michael was… all about the music and being honest. If I do something with them, the proceeds have to go to a charity that Michael would be proud and happy about.”

People are helping RedOne keep a level head after his Grammy nominations for The Fame: “Yesterday, I met Jimmy Jam, and he told me there’s been nothing as game-changing as this since the [Janet Jackson] Control album.”

RedOne has good dexterity: “Jimmy Iovine told me we moved the dial on American radio.”