Jay-Z And Mr Hudson Visualize What It’s Like To Be ‘Young Forever’

Robbie Daw | December 22, 2009 8:48 am

British singer Mr Hudson—who apparently has an aversion to putting a period after his prefix first name—belts out the chorus to Alphaville’s ’80s anthem “Forever Young” on new international Jay-Z single “Young Forever.” That’s right, we’re apparently not getting “Young Forever” as a proper release here in the States.

Nonetheless, the music video is now doing the rounds. It’s shot in black and white (drama-enhancer, naturally) and features 40-year-old Hova verbally “paintin’ us a portrait of young” as various scenes of kids skateboarding, playing basketball and eating pizza go by.

After five weeks of “Empire State Of Mind” locking up the top of the chart and blaring out from every hit radio station on the hour, “Young Forever” is sounding pretty fresh right about now. Catch the video below.