Listen To Kelly Clarkson’s ‘New Moon’-Inspired Song

Becky Bain | December 22, 2009 1:41 pm

For a minute there, it seemed like we were thisclose to seeing Kelly Clarkson sink her teeth into the Twilight saga—”Did You,” from the My December sessions, was briefly rumored to be an addition to the soundtrack for sequel New Moon. It didn’t happen, but now it turns out the self-proclaimed “nerd Twilight fan” actually wrote a song specifically with New Moon in mind, and not because she was hired to, but because she’s obsessed with Stephenie Meyer’s books. You’ve got to love a girl who’s willing to own up to her guilty pleasures. Check out the sweet-but-sad track “Empty As I Am” behind the jump, along with Kelly waxing poetic about the Twi books:

Kelly talked with MYX about being a vamp geek and writing the song with her backup singers:


MYX and Kelly Clarkson

“I’m a nerd Twilight fan. I wrote it, it was about New Moon, and it was before they were actually looking for songs… we were nerds and loved the book so much and wrote the song. It’s a really sad book… its the one where she gets left behind, a Romeo and Juliet tragic kind of thing.”

We imagine that if Clarkson was totally into the Harry Potter series, instead of Twilight, we’d probably be listening to a tune about Quiddich and battling the Voldemort within. But as it stands, she’s totally Team Edward, so let’s have a listen to her song, written from the perspective of the lovesick Bella:

Kelly Clarkson – “Empty As I Am”

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Kelly Clarkson – Empty As I Am” dl=”0″]

Since this is a rough recording of “Empty As I Am” (which appears to be grabbed from a soundcheck) it’s tough to really know how a studio-produced track would sound. But the simple melodies in the acoustic version definitely capture the bummed-out, longing mood of New Moon, so it’s too bad it didn’t wind up on the equally gloomy—but rock-critic-friendly— soundtrack. If we’re lucky, Kelly will still cut a studio version sooner or later. And hey, there’s always the Eclipse soundtrack to set her sights on (which we dearly hope also includes these guys).