Rivers Cuomo Wants To Give You $208 To Finish His Song

Becky Bain | December 22, 2009 5:25 pm

Rivers Cuomo is still recuperating from his bus crash, but that isn’t going to stop him from cranking out his next demo—he just needs a little assist. Via Spinner, the Weezer frontman is searching for aspiring producers to help complete a song. Cuomo writes on his Indaba music profile, “I wrote this tune with Shusui. Now I want to write the lyrics. Before I do that, I’d like somebody to produce a better demo of the music. I’ll pay you $208.” Break out that home ProTools rig and check below for the details.

No word on why he just doesn’t ask the other members of his band, but hey, this way is definitely more fun for Weezer fans. (Of course, they’ve had a crack at this kind of art-by-committee before, when Rivers sought contributions through a YouTube series called Let’s Write A Sawng.”

Are you down to make some music (if not some money)? Head on over and join the session. Looking at the thread, Rivers doesn’t seem totally wowed by what he’s heard so far, so you’ve still got a chance! And hey, if your demo gets picked, you could invest that wad of cash in at least six Weezer snuggies.