Amerie ‘More Than Love’ Video Debuts

Idolator Staff | December 24, 2009 10:51 am

R&B singer Amerie already handed us a gift in the form of her slick fourth album, In Love & War, an ambitious collection of old-school jams. And now — just in time for Christmas and its attendant depression/loneliness/frantic calls to therapists — she hands us a little bundle of trust issues in the new video for “More Than Love.” Check below, but just know that we charge $200 an hour.

“I’m not sure I trust him with my heart anymore,” Amerie concludes as she considers the state of affairs in her (fictional) relationship with Fabolous. What unfolds is sort of the music video equivalent of Cheaters, with Amerie and her friends leafing through what appear to be incriminating photos of Fab cavorting with another woman. (He finally defends himself in rooftop argument that neatly slides into his verse: “Do you really want to go there? ‘Cause if we go just know we won’t back it back / Just ’cause your girlfriend said it don’t make it fact.”) Should she trust him or not?

We don’t learn until the end, but the way Amerie wraps her raw, soulful vocals around the lyrics captures just how it feels to have the relationship on the line.

The video was directed by TAJ and shot in New York City.

Does this make you want to pick up In Love & War? Honestly, how many reasons do you need?