Kate Voegele Sings ‘Hallelujah’ For The Holidays

Idolator Staff | December 25, 2009 6:37 pm

Kate Voegele, perhaps best known for her recurring role on One Tree Hill, has pulled out a daring cover of Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say” on her recent tour (note: not even Derulo seems willing to try it without that Imogen Heap sample piping in behind him). But OTH fans know she’s fairly fearless when it comes to taking on prominent songs: she tried her hand at Leonard Cohen’s iconic “Hallelujah” on the show last year, and just released a new version with a proper video. She has a nice take on it. Need proof?

Far too many singers have mangled this song, which was immortalized by the late Jeff Buckley and surged to the top of the British charts a year ago after it was covered by The X Factor winner Alexandra Burke. (Even Cohen is a little tired of the song’s overuse in TV and movies.) But we thought Kate acquitted herself quite well, balancing her powerful vocals with the soft touch the song requires. And heck, we thought it was a nice note to strike as we wish everyone a merry merry. And to all, a good night.