Katharine McPhee Goes Va-Va-Va-Voom To Promote Her New Album

Becky Bain | January 5, 2010 10:23 am

It’s been almost four years since Katharine McPhee lost to Taylor Hicks on American Idol, and the girl-next-door brunette chanteuse has slowly morphed into other fifth-season contestant Kellie Pickler: hair, sound, boobs and all. Although Kath has sported her short blonde bob for a few months now, she performed the country-leaning “Had It All” off her new album Unbroken (out today) on Conan O’Brien last night in a shockingly low cut dress that should get the FCC censors off Lambert’s back and onto her front. Is it hot in here, or do we just have a McPheever? Check out “Had It All” after the jump, and wipe the drool off your chin:

Katharine McPhee – “Had It All”

We’re not swooning over the twangy ballad like we are over Katharine’s glam makeover, a far cry from the laid back, barefoot, jeans-sporting personality we saw on Idol. But while other Idol also-rans have to resort to state fairs or Broadway (or worse, Broadway touring companies), Katharine’s managed to keep her career afloat over the years. Herself-titled debut album peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 back in 2007, but never garnered much attention besides the overproduced track “Over It,” which probably led Katharine to focus on her acting career (which sorta didn’t go anywhere past being a sorority gal in The House Bunny). Could this be the album to launch the moderately successful pop singer into the next coming of Carrie Underwood? Hey, we can’t blame her for “going country.”

Katharine is also a featured artist over at Walmart Soundcheck singing seven of her songs off her new album, so head on over there to check out her new sound (as well as her rocking some skin-tight gold leggings).