Just Try And ‘Relax’ While Watching Peaches’ New Music Vid

Becky Bain | January 5, 2010 12:22 pm

Peaches’ new music video for “Relax,” the latest single from her unusually polished I Feel Cream is—surprise!—raw, dirty, and kind of horrifying. “Relax” finds the eccentric electroclash dame dressed up as a mad scientist straight out of Mystery Science Theater 3000, performing experiments on blonde waifs who gaze back at us with the crazy eyes. As Peaches notes, “Relax” was actually the first video shot for the album, and it “plays on a modern frankenstein theme with some Vanessa Beecroft aesthetics.” If nothing else, the eerie vibe of the video suits the song, which like much of the other material on I Feel Cream is hypnotically seductive. That doesn’t make the vid any less creepy. Check it out after the jump:

Incidentally, Peaches was honored by the Harvard Lampoon a few weeks ago, and you can check out the Flickr photo set of her al fresco karaoke party over here, courtesy of photo snapper (and apparent Peaches fan) r_dorissa. Looks like a fun, albeit freezing, time, but the most interesting thing to come out of the Lampoon bash was the “F*ck the Pain Away” singer belting out “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Don’t let her knowledge of the Judy Garland catalog and Kanye West’s favorite Italian artist fool you — this is still a woman who already can outdo Lady Gaga when it comes to bizarre outerwear.