Omarion Is ‘Speedin’ On His New Single, But Did Someone Carjack His Site?

Robbie Daw | January 5, 2010 11:29 am

Onetime B2K singer (and former brief member of the Young Money roster) Omarion will see his new album Ollusion released on January 12. And as he tweeted yesterday, it will be on available at Amazon’s MP3 store with a 24-hour sale price of $3.99.

That said, Omarion might want to spend less time on Twitter and more time on his own site, which appears to have been hacked some time ago. At least let’s hope so, because if the following post in the News section was intentional, the R&B singer’s camp has some quirky notions about how to promote him.

“Now I understand why the promo clip for his music video referred to the ‘King of Dance’—it was alluding to Michael Jackson,” reads the “news” on Omarion’s official site. “At least that’s what I hope it means because based on that tired robotic two-step and head bobbing routine that Omarion has been trying to pass off as intricate choreography for the last few years, he couldn’t be talking about himself.”

Yowch! Kanye—is that you? Here’s the full rant:

“Speedin,” Omarion’s third single from Ollusion, also began doing the rounds online yesterday. “The concept of the song is that I’m racing to get to my girl because I love her and I care about her,” the singer told Rap Up.

Here’s Omarion crooning on slow jam “Speedin,” which was produced by 253:

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Omarion – Speedin” dl=”0″]