Trina Is All About The Cash (And Censored Lyrics) In ‘That’s My Attitude’

Robbie Daw | January 7, 2010 3:03 pm

Following the leaks of “Million Dollar Girl” and Lady Gaga duet “Let Them Hoes Fight” earlier this week, another Trina offering has surfaced in the form of the video for “That’s My Attitude.” And apparently the recession hasn’t affected the naughty-tongued rapper one bit. (Well, save for the fact that the clip looks like it was shot on a budget.)

“Money over everything, I’m all about my change/ I’m still rich, still the baddest bitch in the game,” Trina assures us while gyrating and flashing her bling to the camera. Catch the “That’s My Attitude” music video below.

Trina, who once lent her talents to a remix of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable,” even slaps in some shots of her and her crew walking through what looks to be a few of the steps from the “Single Ladies” video. (Though they look like they had about 14 minutes max to rehearse.)