Blast To The Past With Destiny’s Child Song Leaks

Becky Bain | January 8, 2010 10:43 am

Could the recent spurt of leaks of unreleased Destiny’s Child songs be some sort of kooky marketing campaign to promote the girl group’s long-rumored reunion? We know it seems crazy. There’s a better chance that Justin Timberlake will decide he’d be better off reuniting with N Sync or that Robbie Williams will take an interest in whatever the other members of Take That are up to. Plus, we’ve been hearing these rumors for awhile with no real evidence of movement toward a bona fide DC reunion. Still, these two leaked tracks are a joyful reminder of the decade we just left behind. Listen to “Life Like This” and “Twirk” after the jump.

“Life Like This” (produced by Rodney Jerkins)

It’s unclear which album this slow-jam track was originally intended for, but we imagine them to be from circa-Survivor. Not a very memorable song, and perhaps that’s why it never made the cut.

“Twirk” (produced by Scott Storch)

Sounds a bit like B’s “Naughty Girl” off Dangerously In Love, no? Could be why it wasn’t placed on Destiny Fulfilled, since “Naughty” was released the year before. Or maybe because it’s incredibly bland.

As fun as Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle could be back in the day, we’re satisfied with that door being closed, even if Columbia isn’t. And if Beyoncé really wants to team up with anyone again, we much prefer her looking into the future (which includes filming her the music video for her Lady Gaga collaboration, “Telephone,” in just a few weeks) than cozying back up with the past. Sorry Michelle and Kelly. Hope Broadway and poker tournaments are enough for you for now.