Adam Lambert Will Be On ‘Oprah’, Not ‘Glee’

Becky Bain | January 8, 2010 12:51 pm

Sorry, all you Glee worshippers—show choir poster boy Adam Lambert won’t be appearing on Fox’s hit series, but he will be appearing on Oprah. Adam confirmed through his Twitter that the rumors of him appearing on the daytime talk show are true. Let’s hope Oprah’s staff has a heavy duty Dust Vac to clean up all the glitter Lambert’s sure to leave  on her couch.

And which female music phenomenon of 2009 is rumored to be performing with Adam on Oprah? Not Lady Gaga, and not Taylor Swift. It’s…

…other reality show superstar/singing sensation, Susan Boyle.

Susan (who, need we remind you, has sold 3.1 million copies—and counting!—of her debut album) has appeared on the Oprah show before via satellite, but her performance will allegedly be in person time time around. And, she’s said to be singing a duet with Lambert. This is officially the most meta thing to happen ever in the history of reality TV.

All we need is Puck from The Real World, Karina Smirnoff from Dancing with the Stars, the Jon & Kate‘s Plus 8, Richard Hatch from Survivor, that Bachelor a-hole who dumped his fiance on national television, and everybody on Hoarders to come on board for a reality TV-skewed “We Are The World” sing-a-long. Or maybe Oprah should save that  for her final show.

Adam Lambert’s appearance on Oprah tapes on January 16. Now, somebody book him a guest spot on True Blood stat, because with his gothic wardrobe and penchant for sinking his fangs into people, he’d make the perfect sexy vampire.