Omarion Takes The Top Down In His Angsty ‘Speedin’ Video

Robbie Daw | January 11, 2010 9:34 am

Here it is a week later, and Omarion’s site still has that jumbled and highly unflattering article about the singer up in the news section. Ah, well, with the onetime B2K member’s new album Ollusion out tomorrow (Amazon’s MP3 store appears to be the place to grab it, penny-pinchers!), it makes perfect sense that Omarion’s new music video for “Speedin” should crop up today.

Omarion isn’t really taking any chances with Ollusion. “I need each and every1 of my followers 2 buy 1 album,” he tweeted and pleaded on Sunday. (That would be about 175,047 copies sold, math/chart nerds, if his request were to be fulfilled.)

Can his video for “Speedin” seal the deal? No one really likes a handsome guy who dumps his girl then goes, uh, speedin’ in an expensive sports car, O.

Or—wait a minute— is he being one dumped here? We’ll let you decide.