Goldfrapp Dive ‘Head First’ Into New Album

Robbie Daw | January 11, 2010 11:02 am

With just two more months till the release of the new Goldfrapp single (“Rocket”) and album (Head First), the duo debuted the cover of their forthcoming fifth studio LP on their official blog over the weekend. So colorful. So cloudy. So eerily reminiscent of this recent album cover!

Just before the holidays in December, Alison Goldfrapp wrote on the blog: “We have just about finished the album, a little a bit of mixing still to do in the first week of Jan, but that’s it… this album is very different from the last, but i hope you enjoy it just as much for different reasons.”

Here’s hoping “Rocket” leaks a Mute Records-approved sound clip of “Rocket” is posted in the proper channels soon.

Meanwhile, another set of tunes that Alison and Will had a hand in is scheduled to be released in the month of March—Christina Aguilera’s Bionic. There’s no official confirmation yet, though, that any of the tracks from the Xtina/Goldfrapp sessions will be on Christina’s LP.