Lady Gaga Will Appear On ‘Oprah’—But First, Watch The ‘Bad Romance’ Remake

Becky Bain | January 11, 2010 12:24 pm

Oprah‘s executive producer Sheri Salata tweeted that Lady Gaga will tape her first appearance on the daytime talk show this Friday. Why she’s not involved in the potential Lambert-Boyle duet episode, we don’t know, but we’re counting on Gaga to give Oprah some Warholian style tips. (Maybe everyone in the audience gets their own teacup and bloodpack? “You get a bloodpack! YOU get a bloodpack!”)

Separately, Lady Gaga took to Twitter herself to share her shock/awe over a parody video of “Bad Romance,” and “holy sh*t” is right. The vid was filmed by a bunch of college students (no way!) who transformed their dorm and various other locales into the infamous Bath Haus of Gaga. It’s pretty amazing what you can do with a flipcam and a keen eye for detail. Amazing shot-by-shot music video after the jump:

“Badder Romance”

The most impressive bit, really, is their re-creation of the Matrix-style 360 shot of diamonds floating mid-air around Gaga’s head. Well done, little monsters!

According to their YouTube page, BINK Productionz (made up of friends Britnee, Ian, Nikki, and Kayla) came up with the idea of remaking “Bad Romance”  after receiving some nifty X-mas gifts:

So, here’s the story. Two of us got Flips for Christmas. And we were all in the car, and Bad Romance comes on the radio. So naturally, we start rocking out to it, dancing in the car like a bunch of freaks. Ian, being the thinker, whipped out his Flip and started recording it. When the song was over, we realized he never hit record. First we were all ‘Oh maan.’ Then we were all ‘LET’S REMAKE THE ACTUAL VIDEO!’ Finally we were all ‘WHOO! YEAAAH!'”

We love it even more than the Sims version, mostly because it doesn’t creep us out as much. Hopefully we’ll get a BINK Productionz remake of Gaga and Beyoncé’s “Telephone” video (shooting in LA at the end of the month) once it debuts.