It’s Official: Ke$ha Will Stumble To #1 On This Week’s Album Chart

Robbie Daw | January 11, 2010 2:57 pm

Ke$ha’s camp has reason to raise a glass of champagne—or, perhaps more appropriately, a Styrofoam cup of grain alcohol—as the 22-year-old singer will officially unseat reigning chart queen Susan Boyle from Billboard‘s Top 200 Albums this week. Yeesh! Were we too hasty in predicting she’d be tossed into the pop scrap heap at some point in the near future?

Reports initially had it that Ke$ha and Boyle would be neck-and-neck in the race to #1. But now Billboard notes that it turned out to be “an easy win” for the “TiK ToK” singer and her album Animal, which moved 150,000 copies in its first week of availability.

But lest anyone think success is going straight to Ke$ha’s head, she set the record straight in a recent interview with the Los Angeles TimesPop & Hiss blog: “I’m making sure people know there’s no connection between money and happiness. I remember sitting in the Gold Room with two dollars in change wearing clothes I found in the garbage, but I was surrounded by people that love me. Those were my favorite moments from that time. To this day, if I see a pile of clothes on the side of the road, I’ll still pull over.”

Hot. Susan Boyle wouldn’t be caught dead doing that. Ke$ha also says, “I come out on stage and do cartwheels in laser gloves with a cannon that shoots condoms and confetti.”

Now that we can see Susan getting into.