U.K. Duo Hurts Hope You’ll Be Happy With Their ‘Blood, Tears & Gold’

Robbie Daw | January 12, 2010 11:26 am

Miss the epic, sweeping pop melodies of great British pop duos like Tears For Fears and McAlmont & Butler? Machester two-piece Hurts, who the BBC singled out last week as one of its Sounds Of 2010, could just be the ones to fill that void.

Think Pet Shop Boys minus the dance club leanings. Spandau Ballet minus, uh, a few members (but with the complete New Romantic attire and hair). Oh, hell—just jump below and watch their video for “Blood, Tears & Gold”!

If something as rad as “Blood, Tears & Gold” were to cross over on this side of the pond without the aid of a spin on Grey’s Anatomy or Gossip Girl, it would truly be a miracle. But, hey—it’s 2010, and apparently anything is possible.

Hurts singer Theo Hutchcraft and his bandmate Adam Anderson were previously in a band called Daggers. Now they’ve branched off to craft their own brand of dreamy, slightly-anguished tunes.

“Pop music is part escapism, but it’s also part rejoicing in reality,” Theo told the BBC. “People aren’t generally as happy as pop music makes them out to be. They always hope to be that happy—that’s why they listen to it.”

Sounds about right. Here’s Hurts’ “Wonderful Life,” as remixed by onetime Afrika Baambaata and New Order producer Arthur Baker: