‘Pants On The Ground’—The Remixes!

Becky Bain | January 14, 2010 11:20 am

In the hours since he created a little piece of TV gold, American Idol‘s General Larry Platt already has earned a Facebook fan page and, according to the 62-year-old’s official site, a marriage proposal. And his bio continues to take shape: Idol Chatter reports that Platt earned the nickname “General” for his heroic efforts during the civil rights movement—he even has his own day named after him! September 4, 2001 is Larry Platt Day in Atlanta, when the city honors “his priceless and immeasurable contributions to society; and for other purposes.” We’re guessing “other purposes” include “creation of the first zeitgeist-sweeping anthem of 2010.” Behind the jump, groove to the day’s first batch of “Pants on the Ground” remixes. More to come. All year, probably.

Pants on the Ground Hip-Hop Remix

Pants on the Ground Auto-Tune Version #1

Pants on the Ground Auto-Tune Version #2

Pants on the Ground Club Mix

Pants on the Ground Funk Remix

Pants on the Ground Acoustic

Pants on the Ground Rootsy Remix

Pants on the Ground Slowjam Mix

Pants on the Ground in Technicolor (the Hype Williams-esque version)

But of course, as always, nothing beats the original.

Could Platt’s insta-hit “Pants on the Ground” be inspired by the 2007 campaign in Dallas for menfolk to stop their pants from saggin’? Even that resulted in a hip-hop song called “Pull Your Pants Up“! Who knew low-hung jeans would be the muse for such delicious musical offerings?