Ke$ha Is All About Love And Drugs At Toronto Record Release Party

Robbie Daw | January 18, 2010 10:57 am

Alright, alright—she just performed her song called “Your Love Is My Drug” last night at the Toronto record release party. Now, is it just us, or is Ke$ha morphing into Courtney Love more and more with each public appearance? Truth be told, she can shave her head and call herself Billy Corgan as long as she puts a moratorium on “TiK ToK”!

Catch Ke$ha doing “Your Love Is My Drug” after the jump.

Canadian recording artist/blogger Mr. Will-W hit up the invite-only event, which was attended by 400 people. “Despite rumors of her being a strong acoustic performer we did not get a taste of Ke$ha unplugged,” Will lamented.

That’s probably a good thing. After all, other artists who work with Dr. Luke have attempted to cash in on unplugged sets, to somewhat mixed results.

Here’s Ke$ha doing “Your Love Is My Drug” in Toronto last night: