The Morning Mix: Jennifer Lopez Wants In On That Sweet ‘Glee’ Action

Becky Bain | January 19, 2010 5:55 am

Good morning Idolators! Long before Ke$ha woke up in the mornin’ feeling like P. Diddy, she felt a bit more like P. Hilton, at least according to this recently rediscovered clip of a 2005 episode of The Simple Life in which the then-unknown “TiK ToK” singer guest stars. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that’s an improvement or not. For now, onto the mix:

Did You Hear?

:: Jennifer Lopez might play a cafeteria worker on an upcoming episode of Glee. We can’t wait to see the students’ terrified reactions when they see her serve mashed potatoes in a skintight catsuit. [E! Online]

:: Ke$ha’s got a thing for Brad Pitt’s beard. No, we don’t mean Angelina Jolie, we mean that thing growing out of his chin. [Just Jared]

:: PETA trashes Kelis’ MySpace blog in which she trashes the animal organization for trashing her for wearing fur. This internet drama? Pretty trashy. [Hip Hop Wired]

:: MGMT have been added to the Bamboozle lineup and will co-headline the music fest with Weezer and Paramore. [Spin]

:: Keri Hilson hopes to have her sophomore album in stores by Memorial Day weekend. [That Grape Juice]

Behind the jump: a legend turns another year older.


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VIDEO REWIND OF THE DAY: Dolly Parton turns 64 today, while her breasts are still in their 20s. Ho ho! That one was too easy. But seriously, happy birthday Dolly! To celebrate Ms. Parton’s big 6-4, blast to the past with the music video for country rock track “Potential New Boyfriend,” off her 1983 album “Burlap & Satin.” We know people mostly fixate on how large Dolly’s chest is, but its her hair in this particular clip that’s got our jaws dropping to the floor. It’s like there’s a giant snowball on her head! Somebody bring this look back immediately. (Rihanna? You and your hair stylist up for it? It’s not like your hair could get any stranger.)

Have a great day, everyone!