So Long, Frances Bean! Courtney Love Feeling Maternal Toward Ke$ha

Robbie Daw | January 19, 2010 9:48 am

Why, we were just pondering yesterday how Ke$ha appears to be morphing into Courtney Love, lookswise, as each day ticks by—and now, lo and behold, the Hole matron has taken to her Twitter to get all gushy over (read: leech onto the success of) the chart-topping 22-year-old.

Read all of the blah, blah, blah Courtney tweeted about the “TiK ToK” singer below the jump!

“Ke$ha is in dire need of a vibe that matches her… shes being molded into something not her that will fail,” Love declared. “I want to save her”

Oh, dear god. Are things really that bad between her and Frances Bean? Or is Courtney just as tired of watching Ke$ha twirl through the “TiK ToK” dance routine as we are?

“Sweetheart you make me go all maternal, I want to save you from the jaws of impermanence and soul death,” Love tweeted. Uh-oh, this is getting way philosophical. “When I watched the Youtube of you I saw a lost little soul… they grabbed pushed and she’ll be gone.”

Talk about the blind leading the blind. Then again, maybe Ke$ha could use a little guidance. Check out her latest tweet: