Usher Debuts Two Teen-Directed Music Videos For “More”

Becky Bain | January 20, 2010 12:44 pm

That Usher sure is generous, offering to mentor young kids (like the one signed to his label). Ush recently worked with the teenage participants in Body By Milk’s “Got Noise?” program, which gives teens the chance to create, produce and direct music videos for big-name artists. Twenty lucky teens (picked from more than 5,000 applicants) split into two teams to create original videos for Usher’s single “More,” from the delayed (though already leaked) Raymond V. Raymond. Check out one of the final vids after the jump, and yes, Usher appears in both of them:

No, this isn’t the official video for the song, so don’t freak out about the lack of Bentleys, private jets, seductively lit dance clubs or Lil Jon—we’re pretty sure that’s all still coming.

The “A” Team

The result is fairly impressive, considering that the most these kids probably did with a camera before this program was use it to film themselves doing the “Single Ladies” choreography for the benefit of YouTube viewers.

Check out the other video from the second group, The Killer “B’s” (featuring multiple Ushers!) and cast a vote for your favorite at the Got Noise? website. The kids on the team with the most votes score some sweet Apple MacBooks, so head to the site and vote for your fave. (Hey, even a recently robbed Usher could use another MacBook right about now.)

What did the kids learn from all this?

One, producing videos is hard work. Two: maybe Usher doesn’t entirely deserve his prima donna rep. One teen from Montana named—no kidding—Mariah James Bond—told the Missoulian, “Sometimes you think, ‘Wow, I wonder if that famous person’s mean,’… He wasn’t mean. He’s just a normal person. But he can really sing.”