Jason Derulo Finds Convenient Inspiration For “In My Head” Video

Becky Bain | January 20, 2010 3:04 pm

We knew he had it in him. After showing off a few shuffling steps in the video for the smash “Whatcha Say,” Jason Derulo whips out the fancy footwork for the clip accompanying his second single, “In My Head.” Jason lets his inner b-boy shine in the parking lot of a convenience store, where he’s dreaming of wooing a comely customer. (Yes, a convenience store. Where else are kids these days supposed to hang out? The mall? Starbucks? Please.) But we did notice  the clip contains echoes—or, possibly, straight-up re-shoots—of Justin Timberlake’s video for the Justified single “Like I Love You.” Of course, when that vid hit MTV back in 2002, Jason was a mere 12-years old, and he probably was flirting with girls in the parking lot of a 7-11. But are the similar concepts just a coincidence? Draw your own conclusions by watching “In My Head” after the jump:

Jason Derulo – “In My Head”

For comparison’s sake, here’s JT’s “Like I Love You” video, which kicks off in a veeeery similar location, featuring a preeeeetty familiar star-plus-two-backup-dancer formation:

Is there a Bill & Ted-style time warp thing going on? Maybe both vids were filmed at the very same time, eight years apart:

Picture 7
You know what this means. Parking lot dance off! We actually think if Justin and Jason were planning on going head to “Head” in a dance off, they’re pretty evenly matched. As far as record sales go… well, we’ll have to wait til March when Derulo’s debut album drops.