Mario Picks Up The Ladies In The “Ooh Baby” Vid—And Real Life

Becky Bain | January 21, 2010 12:22 pm

Mario’s adventurous D.N.A. hasn’t gained much traction, but that may change with his third single, the sexy slowjam “Ooh Baby.” (In fact, the Baltimore R&B singer sounds pretty confident of it, starting off the track by saying “I think this one’s for the radio.”) In the brand-new video for the song, Mario hangs at the club, enjoys a little champagne, and seduces two women at once—and graphically so. The best part? Music video director Mickey Finnegan hardly needed to hire a cast: he tells us that the video is more or less a reality TV-style segment about Mario’s typical day. Hear his take on Mario’s fame, and maybe catch a glimpse of that (possibly NSFW) threesome after the jump.

“Ooh Baby” certainly brings to mind both the music and video fro The-Dream’s “Falsetto“, but this is obviously different because, where The-Dream got busy in a Las Vegas hotel room with one lady, Mario brings his multiple ladyfriends in a D.C. hotel room.

Mario – “Ooh Baby”

Should have been the video for Britney Spears’ “3,” no?

We chatted with the “Ooh Baby” vid’s director, Mickey Finnegan, who disclosed that the idea of throwing a big ol’ superhot sex scene at the end of the clip was all “Mario’s manager and Mario’s idea. [They wanted] this taking two girls home kind of thing, and having this sexual scene. In real life, if Mario goes to a club, [this is] literally how you see it happen. We tried to make it as real as possible. Mario could probably pull two girls. He does alright.”

Mario does so well, in fact, he was picking up girls during the music video shoot without even trying. “Girls would come up to me while we’re filming, in tears,” remembers Finnegan of shooting in a nightclub during open hours. “They were so, so dying to meet him. ‘I love Mario so much! Can you just introduce me? Please?'”

He didn’t—sorry ladies. If you want to get close to Mario, your best bet is starring in a music video with him.

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