Rivers Cuomo and Paramore’s Hayley Williams Duet For Weezer’s Return To The Stage

Becky Bain | January 21, 2010 3:30 pm

Weezer played their first gig in over a month for the students of Florida State University last night, and we’re happy to see Rivers Cuomo out and about again following his horrific bus crash. Via Spin, the band was joined onstage by Paramore’s leading mane Hayley Williams, whose band is co-headlining with Rivers & Co. at this May’s Bamboozle music fest. View the live clip of Rivers and Hayley dueting on “Say It Ain’t So”—and hear Cuomo discussing the aftermath of his horrific bus accident—after the jump:

Weezer feat. Hayley Williams – “Say It Ain’t So”

Unfortunately, we don’t really get to hear Hayley’s powerhouse vocals, in part due to the quality of the vid, but also because Cuomo and the crowd are singing along the whole time. Why bother having her up there at all? She may as well be Lindsay Lohan crashing a Lily Allen concert.

Superfluous duets aside, we’re glad to see Cuomo back to what he does best. “I’m going to ask the crowd to step it up,” Cuomo tells MTV. “I’ve still got some injuries, so I won’t be able to do my usual David Lee Roth routine.” Probably a good idea. Cuomo’s back performing much quicker than expected, too, considering what bad shape he was in after his crash:

“I remember lying in my bed in the hospital, and the other guys came in one by one, and they all looked so concerned and sad and scared,” he said. “I was just thinking, ‘What’s wrong with you guys? It’s not like I’m dead or something. I feel fine!’ ” But he’s fairly certain he knows why there was such a cognitive dissonance. “I recently saw video of myself that day, and I looked so terrible,” he said. “I looked like I was on the verge of dying. I think at the time I was on so much morphine, I felt that everything was A-OK.”

The band must have been on something a lot stronger than morphine when they came up with their last album cover. We hope somebody brought Rivers a Weezer snuggie to cuddle up with while recuperating.