Hear Nick Jonas’ Latest “Conspiracy Theory”

Robbie Daw | January 22, 2010 9:59 am

What’s better than a new Daft Punk song that might not actually be a new Daft Punk song popping up on a Friday? That’s right, music fans, another new Daft Punk song! But since that’s not likely to happen, how about a new Nick Jonas And The Administration song? Yaaaaaaay!

Head below the jump to hear Nick scream like a 1987 hair metal stud on “Conspiracy Theory”!

Wow. Rockin’. Hey, Joe Perry, call off those auditions—we found you a new Aerosmith frontman!

“Conspiracy Theory” will appear on Nick Jonas And The Administration’s funkfest Who I Am (preview the album here), which drops February 2. So what do you think of the new direction the youngest Jonas Brothers member is going in? Does he have you burnin’ up, or should he just give it up?