The Morning Mix: Nick Jonas’ Giant Head Takes Over Los Angeles

Becky Bain | January 26, 2010 5:38 am

Morning, folks! That piercing screech you hear is the collective desire of the teen girls of Los Angeles, cranked up to Level Jonas. Nick Jonas & The Dudes Who Aren’t Joe And Kevin kick off a four-day stint in LA at The Wiltern, so plan accordingly. We need to go pick up some earplugs—to block out the girls’ cries of love, not Nick’s singing—but for now, let’s mix it up:

Did You Hear?

:: PETA, unsatisfied by their war of words with Kelis, is now going after fur-loving Kanye West. [Rap-Up]

:: Ticketmaster and Live Nation are thisclose to ruining your life (and your bank account). [Wired]

:: A tribute to the best tribute bands out there. Personally, we think Blonde Jovi and No Duh are missing from this list. [Spinner]

:: Pharrell… are you okay? These recent photos of you have us concerned. [Media Take Out]

:: Was Madonna lip-syncing during her Hope For Haiti Now performance? Bigger question: does it even matter? It’s not like viewers are going to ask for their donations back. [Vulture]

Behind the jump: Whitney Houston returns to the stage, and we hope she brings back her 80s wardrobe.


Music On TV Tonight::: Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) – The Low Anthem:: Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC) – Snoop Dogg (repeat):: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) – Silverspun Pickups

Music Tomorrow Morning: :: Ellen DeGeneres Show (ABC) – Lady Antebellum


VIDEO REWIND OF THE DAY: Whitney Houston has announced that she’ll be embarking on a world tour, her first in over a decade. From February 6 to June 10, she’s going to be one busy lady, taking her Nothing But Love tour to Asia, Australia and Europe. Sadly, no North American dates as of yet. That’s wack, Whit! Since she’s not stopping in our neck of the world anytime soon, let’s rewatch one of her earliest music videos, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” There is so much going on in this bizarre clip—why is she (sorta) reenacting Flashdance by pouring water on some random dude? What’s with the ridiculous flamenco skirt? Are those white Keds dancing independent of a human body?! Still, the dancing is phenomenal even by today’s standards, and dear lord, we miss Whitney’s can’t-be-contained hair. Bring it back, girl!

Have a great day, everyone!