Patrick Stump Preparing A (Shhh) Solo Album

Becky Bain | January 28, 2010 4:31 pm

We’re currently freaking out over this and severely annoyed about this, but at least there’s a little ray of sunshine in the music world today: Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump is heeding our advice and preparing his first stand-alone album. (He’d really love it if we didn’t use the term “solo.”)

The FOB frontman has already found a way to keep fans up to speed on his progress: he joined something called Twitter today (semi-reluctantly, we’re guessing, since a post on a past iteration of his website (since removed) claimed he had no interest in social networking.). At the moment, @PatrickStump‘s lone tweet is a shout-out to his newly redesigned site, which earlier this week included a then-cryptic Anais Nin quote, “And the time came when the risk it took to stay closed in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to bloom.” The quote was soon taken down and replaced with a video of a slimmed- down (and hatless!) Stump playing almost every instrument under the sun. Check out the above screencap of the Renaissance Man in action.

Writes Patrick, “I’m working on an album. I’ll be writing/producing/performing everything myself. Stay tuned.”

The social media revolution signing up for time-sucking Web toys isn’t the only thing Patrick has reconsidered: when Idolator arranged a meeting of the musical minds between Patrick and producer Butch Walker a little over a year ago, Stump seemed uncertain that he would ever record his own non-Fall Out Boy album.

“I go back and forth on the idea of solo material because on the one hand my band allows me to be so hands on with our music that it really stretches the limits of the term ‘collaboration.’ On the other hand I occasionally write lyrics and I’ve never had an outlet for any of that. If I made a solo record though I don’t think it would be as soul as everyone assumes it would be. I don’t have a clue what type of music it would be and it’d have to meet my band’s approval anyway. I don’t know. Probably not going to do a solo record ever.”

We’re sure whatever Patrick comes up with, Pete, Andy and Joe (who all have their own side projects) would approve. And although we’ll miss his FOB bros twirling around on either side and in back of him, we have faith that Stump’s solo effort will live up to the hype.