Listen To Goldfrapp And Become A “Believer”

Robbie Daw | January 29, 2010 1:45 pm

U.K. duo Goldfrapp really have pulled out all the giddy pop stops for new album Head First. Well, at least for the two songs we’ve heard so far, anyway. Last week bouncy breakup song and first single “Rocket” launched its way online. Now the equally energetic jam “Believer” has surfaced to answer that age-old question: what would Kylie Minogue, Annie and the the year 1983 sound like when set to puree in a blender?

Hop below and become a disciple of “Believer.”

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Goldfrapp – Believer” dl=”0″]

Earlier this week, Alison Goldfrapp updated the duo’s official blog, saying (in lower case), “we shot the video for ‘rocket’ which will be with you soon. it was a blast! really hope you like it.”

“Rocket.” “Blast.” Get it? Har har. The blonde synth diva also commented on the fact that Goldfrapp’s latest single was slipped online:

“so, as you know, ‘rocket’ was out and about before it should have been and i just want to say that, of course we knew straight away that some silly bugger had stuck it up on the net, but what can you do?!!”

Well, for all you other naughty buggers on the net, Head First is out March 22. Make sure you actually buy a copy, like we’ll be doing!