Grammy Awards 2010: The Top Tweets Of The Night

Becky Bain | January 31, 2010 5:43 pm

We’re not the only ones tuned into music’s biggest night—some other famous faces are taking to their Twitter to share their experiences, whether it’s from the comfort of their own home or from right inside the STAPLES Center. No need to check your own Twitter feed, just take the jump and see how your favorite artists are describing Grammy night in 140 characters or less. (We’ll be updating this post as the tweets arrive all night long!)

:: Jason Derulo uploaded a pic of his pimped out limo ride (which he’s sharing with Iyaz and Kara DioGuardi) on the way to the Grammys. Nice boots, dude! Better watch our for your jacket, though.

:: Lady Gaga cried after hearing about her double-whammy Grammy win for Best Dance Recording and Best Dance/Electronica Album. She dedicates her win to her “little monsters.”    

:: Katy Perry and Jersey Shore’s Snooki pose for a Twitpic together. Snooki’s face couldn’t be more, well, Snooki.

:: Imogen Heap couldn’t help but tweet her excitement after winning Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical. “Walked through the door and had to run to the stage coz they just called name! I won best engineer!!! Arggghj!” We’re not sure what sound “Arggghj!” actually makes, but congrats! Want to be part of Imogen’s night? Upload a twitpic and you may see it on her dress.

:: Kelly Clarkson is a Stephen Colbert fan: “I need to be friends with Steven Colbert haha!! So freakin funny!!” We know he’s doing a character, but those mean-spirited jokes during his opening monologue fell flat to us.

:: Ke$ha is panicking during her first trip to the Grammys: “I’m having one of those panic moments. This place is huge.”

:: Kelly Clarkson has thus decreed the end of lip-sync on her Twitter: “It’s official….the age of lip-sync is over. If P!nk can sing live, upside down, spinning/flying through the air then there are no excuses.” Australia cheers along with you, Kelly.

:: Keri Hilson has no hard feelings losing Best New Artist: “Congrats Zac Brown Band! Well deserved.”

:: We can’t say that Kathy Griffin is as modest as Keri Hilson: “Stephen Colbert STOLE my mother f-ing Grammy!!”

:: Justin Bieber’s train of thought confuses us: “Wow beyonce is so sexy… Pink is amazing. And chuck norris is a legend.”

:: Thanks to Ocean Up’s twitpic, this is our official favorite photo of the Jonas Brothers, all due to Joe’s Buddy Holly glasses:


:: Jay-Z, watch Jason Derulo – he’s got a thing for your wife.

:: While her Idol peers belt out Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song,” Jordin Sparks’ evening is a little bit more low-key: “Rootbeer floats & Grammys with my nana&poppy! Life is good.”

:: EW’s Music Mix tweets it best after viewing Rihanna win a Grammy for “Run This Town”: “Rihanna’s 2010 Grammy experience now 10000000% better than 2009. yay.” Yay, indeed.

:: Pink is back down on the ground and tweeting: “I had so much fun tonight- this year has been a home coming for me, so thanks everybody. Seriously. I got a standing O. Happy tonight.” Her next big plans? Eating “A LOT OF FOOD!”

:: Hayley Williams left the awards ceremony early, but at least she accomplished a major life goal: “I MET freaking QUENTIN TARANTINO tonight!!! He knew our band. He said we were cool. Life. Maker.” Can Paramore nab a spot on the next Tarantino soundtrack?

:: Solange Knowles is a proud momma: “Julez is going to enjoy seeing that when he’s 13:))))” Why does he have to be thirteen years old to watch a recording of this year’s Grammys? It’s because of Pink’s barely-there outfit, isn’t it?

:: Slash isn’t satisfied by the Les Paul tribute: “Les Paul. 93 years on planet earth, most of it dedicated to making music & all he gets is a 2 minute tribute.” Sorry, Slash, the show is four hours long as is.

:: Not everyone is feeling as joyous as Taylor Swift is right about now. Tweets @Idol360: “Where is Kanye when you need him?” Others ponder a similar question, wondering what the Grammys would have been like had Kanye showed up. We miss you, ‘Ye!

:: Adam Lambert is checking out Katy Perry’s derriere in this bi-curious twitpic:


:: Lady Gaga producer RedOne is doubling his pleasure, doubling his fun: “2 Grammys is NOT bad:-) I wished for one!!!”

:: Taylor Swift gets all emotional on her Twitter: “I will remember this night, this celebration, the screaming and hugging of people I love. The words on cards of hotel room good luck roses.” Wonder if Kanye was one of the many to senf her a bouquet today. Hmm…