Ke$ha Tarnishes Hollywood’s Good Name

Becky Bain | February 4, 2010 3:37 pm

We’re assuming Ke$ha has grown so bored of giving sassy-tongued interviews, she’s trying out new ways to get attention in this town. The animalistic pop singer and some pals trespassed into the Hollywood hills last night to grafitti the iconic Hollywood sign. Don’t believe this is real? Watch the video proof of the entire late-night prank after the jump.

Well, that’s one way to make your name in Hollywood. (Too bad the kids at West Beverly High did it first.) Ke$ha probably isn’t too worried about legal repercussions, since she proudly tweeted the following:

Picture 4
The graffitied sheets on the Hollywood sign have since been taken down. Ke$ha’s bad grammar and horrible spelling remain intact, though.

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