Diddy’s “Cîroc Star” Video Features Most Obvious Product Placement Of All Time

Becky Bain | February 8, 2010 1:01 pm

It’s hardly unusual to see a big artist use their music videos to cross-promote their outside business ventures: Lady Gaga, you may have noticed, donned her Heartbeats headphones in “Bad Romance,” and just about every artist with a fashion line finds a way to name-check it on camera. But Diddy, whose appetite for self-promotion knows no bounds, has taken entrepreneurialism to new heights (or depths?) in his video for “Cîroc Star.” Diddy teamed up with Chester French, DJ Clinton Sparks and fellow nightclub enthusiasts in Las Vegas for his latest vid, which seems to exist simply to pimp Diddy’s vodka brand. Catch the commercial video below, in which the titular product isn’t so much “placed” as it is “shown from every conceivable angle every 15 seconds.”

Diddy feat. Chester French and Clinton Sparks – “Cîroc Star” (Director’s Cut)

We don’t know about you, but we could really go for a refreshing glass of Cîroc right about now. But that’s not where the vodka pimping ends! Diddy unveiled a new track at his Super Bowl party this past weekend, “Hello, Good Morning.” And the star of the live video—after Diddy, of course—is his beautiful bottle of booze.

Diddy – “Hello, Good Morning”(Live)

We somehow doubt “Cîroc Star,” an average, uninspired track (which comes off more like a hip-hop TV commercial jingle), will end up on the final cut of Combs’ fifth studio album Last Train to Paris (which still has no official release date yet). We are, however, fully expecting a Cîroc bottle to be front and center on the album cover.

Seriously, though, these videos are one step away from this: