Michael Jackson Doc Charged With Manslaughter, Out On Bail

Becky Bain | February 8, 2010 5:24 pm

UPDATE: Dr. Conrad Murray pleaded “not guilty” for the death of Michael Jackson. He’s out on $75,000 bail with restrictions to his practice in regards to sedating patients. Michael’s parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson, are not satisfied with outcome of the court date. “I didn’t like today’s hearing at all,” Joe tells E! News. “I just want justice done and that was not justice.”

Our original post below.

Michael Jackson’s family—as well as his fans all over the world—are one step closer to getting closure after the pop star’s death. Dr. Conrad Murray has been officially charged with involuntarily manslaughter for overmedicating the singer with the powerful drug Propofol. The charge carries a four year maximum prison sentence, and Murray is expected to surrender in court during his arraignment this afternoon. The Jackson family (minus Michael’s children) is expected to attend. We’ll keep you updated as the news breaks.

[Via E! Online]