Today In ‘Idol’: Ellen DeGeneres Joins The Judges Table—Is Howard Stern Next?

Becky Bain | February 9, 2010 1:58 pm

:: Hollywood Week begins tonight, as does Ellen DeGeneres’ stint as an Idol judge! While Simon inevitably will make all the contestants cry with his critiques, we’re counting on Ellen to make ’em laugh. [People]

:: Commenting on her first few days behind the judge’s table, Ellen says that Simon is “meaner than she thought.” He’s getting all the vitriol out now while he’s still on the show. [Huffington Post]

:: While Howard Stern himself clearly enjoys fueling the rumors that he may replace Simon Cowell, Richard Rushfield at The Daily Beast reports that it’s all just the shock jock playing games in the ongoing talks over renewing his contract at Sirius XM radio. Clever job, Stern. [The Daily Beast]

:: We’re seriously bummed one of our favorite Idol hopefuls, Danelle Hayes (the down-to-earth momma who plays in a cover band and who cried in front of the judges) scored a golden ticket, but never competed in Hollywood for unspecified reasons. [Seattle Times]

:: USA Today‘s Brian Mansfield argues that this year’s audition rounds reveal even less about the show’s real competitors than usual. [USA Today]

After the jump, see Carrie Underwood—er, we mean Carrie Underworm—sing about the benefits of being an invertebrate on Sesame Street.

Adorable (and kind of gross), but more importantly, on key. Maybe Carrie Underworm should have sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl instead?