Lil Wayne Shot Nine Music Videos In 48 Hours

Becky Bain | February 10, 2010 11:44 am

Lil Wayne’s dental emergency, which miraculously kept him out of jail for another month, must have come as a complete surprise to him. Not only did he record a video documenting what he figured would be his last night of freedom, he spent the weekend before his expected incarceration working on nine (!)  music videos. Somebody call Guinness!

In order to keep Wayne in the public eye during his incarceration, the Young Money chief banked hours upon hours of footage to create music videos and promo material for the music from both Rebirth (which debuted much higher on the charts than analysts expected, particularly considering the less-than-stellar reviews) and Tha Carter IV. (Yes, it’s coming, according to Wayne’s own words near the end of his ESPN blog post). Director David Rousseau tells MTV about the “hard deadline” of shooting a ridiculous amount of footage in just one weekend:

“It was basically a ‘Mission: Impossible’ [scenario]: This is your mission if you choose to accept it. Everybody is onboard because everybody knows what’s at stake. Unlike T.I. and some of these other guys that’s disappeared while they were in, the point is to keep Wayne [visible] on TV and everything for whatever time he’s in. There was a plan in action… He’s at the height of his career, you can’t let that momentum slip.”

Now that Wayne has another few weeks before surendering himself to the courts on March 2, how many videos do you think he can wrap up in that time? 25? 50? 100? What we want to know is, why stress out at all filming so much in so little time when you can just pull an Avatar and CGI Weezy into all his videos? Wayne could go to jail (or just vacay in the Carribean) for years and he could be rolling out videos practically  nonstop.