Drake Unleashes Sprite Commercial

Idolator Staff | February 11, 2010 5:30 pm

Anyone who’s followed Drake’s meteoric rise during the past year knows the man is a machine — no mere human could find the time or energy to develop such intricate verses (or record them with such varied collaborators). Turns out the makers of Sprite feel the same way. Watch the best rapper alive (from Toronto) reveal the robotronic recesses of his soul as makes his first appearance in a commercial. It’s entitled “Unleashed”, and it’s below:

The ad features Drake’s real life studio collaborators, the producers 40 and Boy Wonder. But we like it for more than its authenticity. Underneath all the special effects, the ad actually points to an important (and far too rarely acknowledged) truth: creating great music is hard work. That’s part of what appealed to Drake, who told Billboard:

“It happens all the time — it’s the beautiful struggle,” says Drake of having similar real-life experiences like the one depicted in the commercial — which will air in a 30 and a 60 second version. “For an artist who’s a perfectionist — much like Lil Wayne, who I take my inspiration from — you may sit there for 20 minutes or three days writing. I’m working on a song right now with such a strong hook that I’ve been trying to match the energy of what I have so far for days.”

As far as we’re concerned, he can take all the time he wants if it means he’ll come up with another “Forever”.