Kimberly Caldwell Covers Melissa Etheridge’s “Come To My Window”

Becky Bain | February 16, 2010 5:12 pm

Kimberly Caldwell is finally ready to get back to what made people fall in love with her on American Idol way back when — that gorgeously ragged rasp. She tells radio station WPLJ that after years of hosting gigs on Fox and the TV Guide Channel, she’s “ready to push it all aside and just concentrate on the music.” That extra focus clearly shows, particularly when she pulls out a powerful acoustic cover of Melissa Etheridge’s “Come To My Window.” Hear it after the jump.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Kimberly Caldwell – Come To My Window (Acoustic)”]

Controlled and emotional, Caldwell’s throaty vocals wrap around the song seamlessly. (Though if you’d prefer to hear her with a little fury in her voice, check out “Mess Of You”.) We think this might be Kim’s year to break through and join all the other Idol alum on the charts. Maybe those seven years of building experience came in handy—she previously sang “Come To My Window” during her stint on Idol, and if we’re being honest, her take on the song has only gotten better with age:

Kimberly continues to pay homage to her personal idol by including a different Etheridge cover, the quiet ballad “You Can Sleep While I Drive”, on her upcoming album, Without Regret.