The Greatest Hits Of The “Because Of Nicki Minaj” Hashtag

Robbie Daw | February 17, 2010 11:54 am

World traveler and stuffed monkey enthusiast Nicki Minaj has been making enough noise lately to prompt the recent creation of the #becauseofnickiminaj Twitter trending topic. And just what was it that caused someone to conjure up such a hashtag—Nicki’s request to see her female fans’ “boobz”? Her campy collaboration with Mariah Carey? Her sexually-charged Late Show With David Letterman performance with Robin Thicke?

While we may never know the answer to that question, we were able able to round up some of the best responses to the topic from Twitter users. Catch them below.

* @Big_Pak: #becauseofnickiminaj Ken started f***in the Bratz Dolls cause “Barbie’s not the same as when they met”

* @DomiSongz: #becauseofnickiminaj i failed my speech and english classes bc i said things like bestest

* @ProfoundMindset: #becauseofnickiminaj we got all these girls confused thinkin they barbies, when in reality they look like Troll Dolls…

* @MsMillerRocks: #becauseofnickiminaj dumb ass broads are walking around singing shit like “if you see a itty bitty piggy in the market” WTF!

* @eMJayBitter: #becauseofnickiminaj I have had an errection for more than four hours…she should definetly have a number to call incase of emergencies

* @MrzAlecia:#becauseofnickiminaj everybody thinks they can be blond hair barbies… Bitch ur dark as night take that ish out!!

* @iim4evapretty: #becauseofnickininaj My niece know her whole verse of bedrock smh ..ill smack ha if she say ha cookies slippery

* @randirossario: #becauseofnickiminaj little girls think dumbing yourself down is the “cute” thing to do

* @Chad_Ovadoze: #becauseofnickiminaj fake booty rates are skyrocketing

And last but hardly least, because of Nicki Minaj, there’s this, from RomeroMckay: