Kid Cudi And Dan Black Get Cinematic For “Symphonies” Remix Vid

Becky Bain | February 17, 2010 4:15 pm

British electronic artist Dan Black drew attention from DJs and film snobs alike with the video for his melancholy song “Symphonies,” which re-created the opening credits of an array of classic films (including Tron, Catch Me If You Can, E.T., and Seven, just to name a few). But now he’s topped himself, snagging music fest regular (and aspiring actor) Kid Cudi for a new version of the vid and a remix of the song. Catch the eye-popping clip — and try to spot all the movie references — after the jump:

Dan Black feat. Kid Cudi – “Symphonies” remix

We know how Cudder likes to have fun with his music videos, and this quirky clip is no exception. Cudi rap-sings some of his verses, and while his actual vocal skills could use some work, we continue to think he has a genuine ear for melody.

But “Symphonies” has a backstory full of dissonance: Black originally recorded a song he called “HYPNTZ,” which was basically a cover of Notorious B.I.G.’s smash “Hypnotize.” The track had Black singing the lyrics over the drum-and-cymbal beat from Rihanna’s “Umbrella” (oh, you know, the one that is awfully similar to GarageBand preset “Vintage Funk Kit 03” ). Black says he received word the night before his planned video shoot that Christopher Wallace’s estate objected to the song, so he ultimately re-worked it by adding new lyrics, layered vocals and a new title: “Symphonies.”

It’s been circulating since last spring, and Passion Pit has already taken a stab at one remix, stripping out the “Umbrella”/GarageBand beat and revving it up with a happier techno flair. Hear it below:

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Passion Pit – Symphonies (Dan Black cover)”]

The original track, the Kid Cudi remix and the Passion Pit version are three awesome versions of the same song, so you can’t go wrong downloading any one of them. The remix is one of three tracks on the “deluxe” re-release of Black’s debut ((un)), which hit record shops yesterday. Hasn’t this guy been slept on long enough?