Prepare To Be Bowled Over By Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Video

Robbie Daw | February 19, 2010 8:13 am

Justin Bieber fans, the wait is over. The Canadian tweenthrob’s video for “Baby” has finally arrived in all of its hormonally-charged glory. A love story set in a bowling alley! Michael Jackson-esque flourishes! A cameo by Drake! LUDACRIS! Goodness, can one music video possibly contain this much awesomeness? Head below, Bieber Nation, and find out.

We actually feel sorry for budding actress/singer Jasmine Villegas, who plays the object of the Bieb’s affection in “Baby.” After getting so intimate with the hot-roddin’ pop munchkin here, she probably didn’t realize she was signing herself up for the fan-forum wrath of a million jealous Biebettes.

“We’re kind of going off of [‘The Way You Make Me Feel’] video by Michael Jackson, where I’m following her around and trying to get the girl,” said Beiber in a recent making-of interview. “I’m chasing her and she’s really, like, not interested.”

Poor guy. He’s suffered the sting of rejection on more than one occasion.

There’s also a hint of “Beat It” in the “Baby” video. But as for the straight up horny teen motif—well, that’s simply pure Bieber.