Lady Gaga And Terence Koh Count Out 88 Pearls

Robbie Daw | February 22, 2010 7:19 am

Two weeks ago Lady Gaga swung by the annual amfAR benefit while decked out head-to-toe in pearls. Now Terence Koh—the designer of both her outfit and the entire performance art piece Gaga did that evening—has uploaded a video (watch below) of he and the award-winning pop star counting out 88 pearls in a teacup. Because, hey—why not?

So what’s the significance of the amount 88 here? Is it the number of the round objects the singer was wearing? A reference to to the 88 Color (including pearl!) Shimmer Palette? The year Gaga wore her first leather thong?

Whatever it may be, perhaps Lady Gaga needs to brush up on her arithmetic—because Terence Koh’s not-so-subtle 69 joke seemed to go straight over her head.

[Photo via Gaga Daily]