Ludacris’ “Sexting” Is Probably Not On Tiger Woods’ iPod

Idolator Staff | February 22, 2010 6:20 pm

Ludacris’ curious timing isn’t the only indication he’s taken an interest in Tiger Woods’ cheating scandal. Amidst the promotion for his Battle Of The Sexes LP, Luda dropped a bouncy new track, “Sexting”, which kicks off with a delicious parody of Woods’ panicked voicemail to his mistress. Fore!

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Ludacris – Sexting” dl=”0″]

Produced by the Neptunes, the track finds Luda satirizing Woods’ stay in sex rehab by imagining a conversation with the teacher who’s trying to help him get “unhooked on ass”. Unfortunately, the beat doesn’t provide much of a lift — sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping for another “Money Maker”). Is “Sexting” a bit opportunistic? Sure. But — like it or not — we imagine plenty of people can relate to “my girl went through my cell phone”.

Is Ludacris’ spoof the best Tiger parody yet? The skit is hilarious, but if you’re looking for a complete song (instead of, say, simple repetition of the hook over a busy signal), you might do better with Maino’s “Get ‘Em Tiger” (produced by The Colleagues):

But then again, it’s tough to match the entertainment value of hearing Tiger’s own words remixed and thrown back in his face. Back to rehab, Tiger.

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